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The Bill Cosby Scandal: How victims are targeted

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”t6nkSc7ps7Obj730QiCE61mLK1SOr7Ep”] Well unless you live under a rock, I am sure every person with eyes and ears, has seen or heard the recent Bill Cosby allegations.  It kind of reminds me of the whole Tiger Woods debacle, because it was back to back women popping up; it was non-stop for weeks.  And it seems that there is something new everyday, and its tragic, mainly for the victims.  Now at this point no one is 100% sure if these women are telling the truth, only because there is no evidence, and the statute of limitations has passed.  However, I feel that we should still stick to the principle: Innocent until proven guilty.  I have seen so many comments (mainly from women) calling these women liars, sluts, whores, and any other derogatory name. pic 6 What confuses me is how a WOMAN can be so quick to judge not knowing what really happened.  If anything there should be more empathy since you yourself are a woman, and know how troubled you would be if it were you in that situation.  If this scenario unfolds and we find out somehow that they were lying, then fine, so be it.  Call them whatever you choose, but lets not act as if this isn’t a common occurrence in everyday life, non-the-less, in Hollywood.  There is a mile long list of pervs in the entertainment industry who have either raped or assaulted women, and have hidden behind celebrity status.  It’s been happening for so long, that it has become the norm. The issue with people constantly attacking someone who has claimed to have been assaulted, is the exact reason why victims either NEVER tell their story, or tell it so many years later.  When you are a victim and you are constantly attacked with these questions and comments, it makes it hard to come forward with your truth:

  • what were you wearing?
  • she was probably drinking too much
  • why would you go to his room?
  • why didn’t you go home with friends?
  • are you sure you didn’t lead him on?

pic 7 Now maybe I have been watching way too much Law & Order: SVU over the past couple of years, but once someone says they are a victim, that’s it.  Time to investigate, time to arrest, time to convict, time to stand up and have a voice.  It doesn’t matter the career of the woman, or if she has had an immense amount of husbands or boyfriends in her past.  Once she says that she was assaulted all of that other irrelevant non-sense should go out of the window. pic 3 After Janice Dickinson came forward, it’s like all women let loose calling her all kinds of names.  Her past, present, or future with men does not matter, if she is saying that something that she DID NOT CONSENT TO, HAS HAPPENED.  Women need to stop being so quick to bash other women, let’s come together and stand up for whats right.  We have to do better!!

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