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Why You Should Attend Atleast One Natural Hair Show

I remember some years ago, my sister, a hair dresser and I attended the famed Bronner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta.

While the elaborate hair styles and countless vendor tables kept me interested for a few hours, I was pretty ho-hummed about the event. My sister, of course, was in paradise.

But when I actually become a firm believer in healthier hair as I partake this natural hair journey, I look back at that Bronner Bros. show and I now understand the significance of it.

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Attending a hair show, particularly a natural hair show, yields all sorts of benefits:

  • You get to a lot of free stuff! Many vendors WANT to give our free samples of the latest product. Take advantage of it. You may find a diamond in the rough for your hair!
  • You get to discover different ways to style your hair. I know a lot of women in their natural hair journey simply do not know how to do their hair in its natural texture. Hair shows feature a ton of free seminars and events that teach the basic consumer how to work with their natural tresses.
  • You meet other like-minded women! Hair shows can be an excellent way to network with other naturals and/or business people. Hair shows are always looking for vendors and are planning for next year’s show well ahead of time. Exchange a business card or two; you may find a lasting pen pal!
  • It gives you a chance to scope out the styles of others and simply approach them and ask how they did it. Everyone there will be on the same journey as you. No need to be shy!

If you are convinced that you want to attend a natural hair show, save your pennies now for the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show going down this April 25th and 26th. It will be a great learning experience for the new and seasoned natural hair.


See you there!

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