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Father Goes H.A.M. Over Black Daughter’s Bullies

In Minneapolis, a father handed out the ultimate burn over some bullying his adopted black teen daughter of 11 years had recently dealt with.

Brad Knudson posted a video on YouTube venting about the recent string of bullying and racist comments his daughter, Dee Dee Knudson, received over SnapChat. The suspected teens insulting the girl went to the same high school.

Some of the insults involved the n-word, calling her fat and a slut.

The father, who has dealt with racism before, having an adopted black child, said he felt compelled to make a video and call out the fools treating her daughter so badly mainly because of  unfortunate incidents of bullying of a friend’s child who committed suicide.

The father went so far as to contact police as well as the father of one of the insulting kids on the Snapchat video. As you can see in the video below, the conversation was not pretty.

Bottom line, racism is alive and well and there are sadly people in the world that thing the rules (and law) do not apply to them. Apparently, they were either sleep or skipping class during the civil rights unit in history.

Unsurprisingly, the idiot parent in the video Mr. Knudson’s referring to lost his job when his employer discovered the video.

Just goes to show you that hate gets you no where!

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