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Azealia Banks Goes Off on interview on Hot97

Azealia Banks is an amazing American rapper, singer and songwriter. She was raised in Harlem, New York. Banks pursued an interest in musical theatre at a young age, studying at the LaGuardua High School of Performing Arts. This interview of Azealia Banks on radio station Hot97 will blow your mind, for sure. It shows the strong emotion the rapper Azealia Banks feels on subjects like the Grand Hustle family, T.I & Iggy Azalea. She is an amazingly talented, strong young lady, who speaks freely, with a passionate opinion on society & the negative depiction of black people in America. What’ll get to you in this interview is her honest opinion and how she goes off! Well, it got to me anyway… But it got me thinking…. As a natural,… How do you feel about “black culture being smudged out”, as ms. Banks put it? Comment and let us know. Enjoy the interview…

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  • Donald Fabian

    Now that’s a real woman.