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Boucles d’ Ebene hosts 5th European Meet-Up for Afro Beauty and Talents

Boucles d’ Ebene hosts 5th European Meet-Up for Afro Beauty and Talents

Joyeux anniversaire BOUCLES D’EBENE de la part d’Ursula Beautiful Naturelle

The 5th Edition of The European Meet-Up for Afro Beauty and Talents

On the 30th, 31st of May and on the 1st June, Salon Boucles d’Ebene, Paris France, is hosting one of the biggest, baddest Natural Hair events in Europe: The 5th European Meet-up for Afro Beauty and Talents. This natural hair care salon has its ear to the ground and detects trends and new symbols of natural ethics. The salon is dedicated to the Afro-Caribbean community, with a steadily growing audience of highly engaged fans. This upcoming weekend the salon will be a centre of entrepreneurship, fashion and gastronomy.
During this event you will be informed on natural hair, beauty, cultural education and awareness, as well as on business, networking and pampered with delicious gastronomy. As the largest online community for black hair care we aim to empower and encourage ladies to execute proper hair care. And so we like it when a prominent international educational specialist on Natural Hair Care, such as Salon Boucles d’ Ebene, positively influences the mondial awareness on black hair care.

Key Figures
Think … Key international natural hair care and social awareness figures attending, while you’re being spoilt To The Max with goodies and French cuisine. Think of celebrity hairstylist Angela Plummer, celebrity photographer Hugues Lawson Body, Kelly Massol, the owner of hair care brand Les Secrets de Loly, a Caribbean female entrepreneur who started her brand from her own kitchen, who will be attending. And Juliette Esmeralda, the sociologist and established author who wrote a book on “Skin black curly hair, history of alienation”, which helped popularize work on issues related to frizzy hair straighteners among African and Afro-Caribbean people, will attend. And to top it off…  the Top fashion designer Mansaya will also hold a spectacular show and there’s going to be a Hairstylists Contents for the Best European black hair stylist of 2015.

Rokhaya Diallo

Rokhaya Diallo

Rokhaya Diallo
Last but not least, Sorbonne University based and widely known journalist and fierce writer, Rokhaya Diallo, will be present. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her work on anti-racism and positive enforcement of the rights of black people in France.
She wrote several books in French on this issue, for example a book on How to talk to children about racism and recently produced a comic book about 5 girls of different cultures, and how they perceive each other, called Pari(s) d’ Amies.

La Crème de la Crème
All in all, the absolute crème de la crème of natural hair specialists and natural hair care brands will be represented at Salon Boucles
d’ Ebene. International mixed with local brands such as: Phytospecific, Root to Tip, Nappy N’Ko, Activilong, Dreaddy Lockkeuse, Design Essentials, Mag & Nefert, Hairfinity, Kera Care, Curlshop, Vox Africa, and many others. On Monday there will be an informative conference on The Digital Economy and an organized networking event to stimulate black owned start-ups. Black entrepreneurs will then have the opportunity to pitch their businessplans and new entrepreneurial ideas to several large investors. And this is just a handful of powerful subjects during this event. So if you’re in Europe, (or in the U.S. and you’ve got some money to burn), get your tickets here now and be sure to visit this event.

Because we’re honoured to be working together with Salon Boucles d’ Ebene on the event of The European Meetup for Afro Beauty and Talents in Paris, France, we’ve managed to get ourselves 5 free entrance tickets to #GIVEAWAY!  Share this article and leave your emailaddress at If you’re selected to win, you’ll receive these tickets by email, before Saturday 30th May in your mailbox. 

Enjoy the vid and maybe I’ll see you there!


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