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Our Beloved Natural Pioneer; Ms. Titi Branch

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Over the week I came across the most disheartening news about Ms. Titi Branch.  Co-Founder of the Miss Jessie’s hair care brand, was found died from an apparent suicide.

This goes to show that you never know what a person is going through mentally.  One would think that since she was traveling, getting her own money, a pioneer in the hair care community, that she was living the life.  Howver, sometimes for some people, those things just aren’t enough; something is missing, there is a void of some sort.  No more information was released about the situation, I am guessing that the family would like their privacy in this matter.  Once more information is released, we could probably understand the situation in more detail.

The above video was a tribute to the late Titi Branch.  Please feel free to take a look and send your prayers to her family and friends


Live life to the fullest

Till next time dolls!!



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