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Honey, You Don’t Need a Trim: You Need a CHOP!

I remember being so excited over the amount of hair I retained after taking down my dreads from 4 years. I was one of those deadheads that rarely did a trim or anything like that, not that I needed to after only 4 years.

But today, I realized something when I called myself taking down my crochet braids. I needed a CHOP not a TRIM!

After removing the crochet braids, my hair felt oddly very soft; at least the roots did. The ends were brittle, and in definite need of a trim.

I washed my hair with African black soap and then put in my DIY protein treatment which worked great on the healthy strands! My did a pull test on a strand of hair afterwards (where you try to pull a hair strand apart to see if it snaps or not) and it worked quite well. However; it did not change the fact that I needed a serious trim.

Photo on 12-13-14 at 10.32 AM #2

As you can see my hair is shedding before my eyes. Anything I did, from wide tooth careful combing to combing while wet, nothing stopped my hair from shedding like a beast!

I tried leaving it alone and just sticking to finger combing and I still saw strands of hair fall out. I tried taking my mind off of it by pulling it all into a loose pony tail and went to do some chores: still saw breakage.

So, I decided to text my sister, who, ironically, is a hair dresser, and told her what was going on and she knew immediately that I needed a serious trim and that I should either come to her or go see a professional.

After really looking at how bad my ends where broken off from years of being locked, I decided to do a semi-big chop. The funny thing is I did not even care about losing the length I retained. Healthy hair is more important that long, damaged hair.

So, I took some small shear scissors and went to work! I cut all ends that felt brittle and weak, in addition to an extra inch or two to insure the damaged ends were completely gone.

I felt the most damage was done to the back of my head, where my hair grows the slowest.

Then, I wet my hair a little and applied Shea Moistures Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner and almost immediately while sitting in my hair, the extra shedding stopped.

So, what will I do with my now shorter hair? Well, I love twists and braids out and I am blessed to know how to braid my own hair into kinky or Senegalese twist and, again, my sister is a hair dresser so I think I will manage!

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