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Benefits of Eating Broth for Breakfast

If you manage to eat a hearty breakfast every morning, consider yourself amongst the privilidged few.

Nearly everyone I know has difficulities getting to work on time, let alone get a decent breakfast in. You have kids to drop off or put on the bus or traffic you have to hurry up and wait to sit in.

But there are ways around the lack of morning nourishment in your body: broth.

A lot of Asian cultures make soup a staple in their diets because it is filling and healthy. Thinking about chicken noodle soup and what it is made of:

  • Protein
  • Vegetables
  • Helpful herbs and spices

Even though some soups are loaded with salt (i.e. Campbell soups), a basic bone or chicken broth could be the difference between a dragging morning and a upbeat one.

Check out the top reasons to have broth for breakfast:

  • It’s filling: Think about drinking a lot of water. What happens next? You gotta urinate like crazy! Broth has the same rush except you are getting extra nutrients from the meat and vegetables in it. If you choose to drink straight broth, it can still be just as filling and delicious
  • It’s great for basic colds and sniffles: Broth could be beneficial, especially now that it is Spring time. So many people deal with allergies and colds due to the change in the weather. A broth would help ”burn” the cold or sniffles out of the system fairly easy. You may even start feeling better by the time you get to work!
  • Calms the digestive tract: Some people have digestive problems (i.e. Crohn’s Disease) and the smallest thing could send their stomach to do backflips. Soups help soothe the stomach, especially when it is warm. It is also therapeutic for some cultures are it allows the mind and body to operate more smoothly and helps destress tighten stomach muscles. Broth could also help people pass heavy stools.

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