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Why Black Women Should Stay Away from Ramen Noodles

It is the staple for all broke college students. In fact, some of those college students, who are married with kids, now feed it to their children.

Personally, my kids love ramen noodles. It is quick, tasty and filling to them. And it is quick for me to make.

However, it is not the most beneficial of food intake.

First of all ramen noodles are loaded with salt. A basic ramen noodle is made with wheat, salt, water and an extra dose of salt known as kansui, a special type of Asian sodium water.

So that’s two doses of salt for one noodle. The massive amounts of salt is necessary to keep the noodles preserved.

An overload of sodium in the body can cause all types of mishaps. Sodium is linked to many common health problems (and even deaths) amongst Black women:

  • Heart Disease – one of the leading causes of death amongst Black women
  • Abnormal metabolism
  • Diabetes

The broth packages in each pouch of ramen noodles do not help, either. The FDA recommends that the average daily intake of sodium should be 2,000 mg/daily. One pack of ramen noodles contains over 1,800 milligrams of salt.

So what should you do? You love your noodle broth but you don’t want to develop heart problems.

Here are some steps to enjoy noodle soup without worrying about health concerns:

  • Make homemade noodle soup (use chow mien noodles)
  • Cook the noodles in warm broth (chicken, beef or seafood are popular choices)
  • Add some dry veggies to the broth (green onions, corn, tofu are popular)
  • If you cannot get dry vegetables – they are pretty difficult to find in store – dry them on your own or just add them to the broth as it

One recipe made the comparison that homemade ramen soup was only 150 mg heavy in salt as compared to the traditional Ramen Noodle package.

Considering making your noodle soup from scratch. It will be the healthier option!

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