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Capriciea’s Journey

2014-11-01 03.39.52
Hi! It’s been a year and a half since my big chop after transitioning and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve never been as confident with my natural self as I am now. Although it took me a while to really appreciate it, I’m very glad I decided to go natural. I had my first relaxer at just 5 years old. My hair was so hard for my mom and aunts to handle they just gave me one. Although I wish they hadn’t, I’m glad that they did, because I can actually say my hair journey and growth is because of me. I big chopped in April 2013 which was difficult because I was still in high school. So you could imagine the looks I got when I first cut my hair. It was pretty funny seeing people’s reactions, but in the end I’m completely happy I did it. I believe I’ve never been happier, more liberated, more confident and more self assured in my life. I’M A HAPPY NATURAL!

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