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Melvina’s Journey

Discover Melvina's Natural Hair Journey. Find out her ups and downs when she did the big chop. Featured on

Hello my name is Melvina. I did my first chop in 2009, and I wore my hair low for a while. I was shocked at how much I adored my low cut. After about 3 months of wearing it short, I began to let it grow out for a year then I chopped it off again and after a year I let it grow out.
During my journey I watched numerous YouTube videos to learn how to deal with my natural hair. I soon realized that as my hair was growing out it began to react differently. In the short stages it was easy to do wash and go’s, but as it got longer my hair didn’t do well with wash and go’s. On the chart my hair is considered 4c. 4c hair can be very time consuming and frustrating because we want it to look a certain way, but as far as the thickness of strength of my hair, I couldn’t be happier with what God blessed me with. I’ve learned to not look to others but do what’s best for my hair and what makes me happy.

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