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Chic Natural Hairstyles for Weddings & More

Written By Venus L

Who says natural hair can’t be upscale?! Yet another perception-induced myth, many seem to believe that it’s not possible to find posh, polished styles within the natural hair realm. Luckily, these notions are far from factual. Chic, regal, and oh so fabulous, natural hairstyles for events such as weddings are as elegant and beautiful as all others. So, before you break out that perm or flat iron, try some of these lovely styles on for size.

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Flat Twist Updo’s

A highly fashionable protective style, flat twisted updo’s are a perfect hairstyle to wear to an upscale event such as a wedding. Neat and low maintenance, you can sing and dance the night away without worrying how this do will look in the morning. Created by parting the hair and twisting it in the same manner you would cornrows, there is a wide variety of styles you can try and with a little skill and imagination there’s no telling what amazing updo’s you’ll produce. For a more detailed tutorial about flat twisted updo’s click here!

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Other Elegant Updo’s

In addition to flat twist updo’s, there’s also a wide variety of non-twisted updo’s that are just perfect for weddings. While no two styles are created equal, there are numerous ways to go about achieving these types of do’s. A bit more polished than their twisted sister styles, the main difference between the twisted updo and the non-twisted updo is that they include a bit more sheen. Normally created using stretched or completely straightened hair, these styles are typically achieved using products such as gels, pomades, and other sheen-enhancing products. While there is no one way to craft these styles, check out this tutorial on updo’s and learn the basic framework for your next wedding hair masterpiece!

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The Regal Rope Bun

Although we have already covered updo styles to some degree, the rope bun deserves a category all its own. Posh and regal, this chic updo is perfect for any member of the wedding party as this style can be as simple or grandiose as you choose. With a wide variety of ways to create this style, check out this tutorial to learn the rope bunning basics!

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The Chic Twisted Pompadour

Another great natural hairstyle for weddings, the twisted pompadour is a vintage style that only seems to be getting better with time. A new age twist on an old styling standard, there is a wide variety of ways to go about achieving this awesome style. However, the basics of this style consist of parting the hair, twisting the back into a French roll and rolling the front into a pompadour. This style can be achieved on freshly washed or stretched hair and you can also add in braids, twists, scarves, bows, flowers and other accessories to make the style your own. Check out this pompadour tutorial to learn the basics then see what you can come up with!

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Dreading the Day?

For naturalistas with dreadlocks, you also have a slew of wedding hair options. Although many believe that dreads are both unpolished and mundane, there are numerous hair styling options you can use to stunningly prove the critics wrong. You can create updo’s, wear them down, add beads, flowers, or bows, wear them curly, or any other style you prefer. What’s more, you can even add extensions to your own hair to create the illusion of dreadlocks. With a variety of hair options from human hair to synthetic, you can buy dreadlock hair extensions in a variety of lengths, colors, as well as textures. Cuban twist Marley hair, for example, provides a natural looking loc with a healthy level of shine. This is a great option for women who aren’t natural but may be attending a natural hair centered ceremony. No matter which route you choose, just know there’s no right or wrong way as long as the style fits you and the type of wedding you’re attending. For more information about dreadlocks, click here!

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Havana, Marley, and Two-Strand Twist Styles

Just found out you have a wedding to go to after styling your hair in twists? Not to worry, there are quite a few options to style your twists for wedding as well! Whether you choose to wear it up, down, or twisted around, the best style for you is as elegant as it is unique. For more ideas on how to style your Havana, and other types of twists, click here!

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Snap for the Kids!

Not to be outdone, young people are often the spotlight of most wedding ceremonies (besides the bride, of course). Before you settle on the same old styles, consider trying something new for your natural hair baby! Although it is not usually encouraged to style young girls’ hair in a manner that is too mature for their age, the one time this is semi-acceptable is when participating in an event such as a wedding ceremony. Twist or fro it up, straighten it out, adorn them with flowers, or whatever it takes to make their hair pop. Either way, don’t let the lack of ingenuity be the reason you refuse to do something new with your cousin, niece’s, or daughter’s hair!

Overall, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What makes natural hair so awesome is the fact that it is as unique to each individual as a fingerprint, and thus, no two styles are exactly alike. No matter if you’re a wedding guest, in the wedding party, or are the bride herself, with these tips and a bit of innovation, you can ensure that your natural hair is an absolute show stopper! Either way, be mindful of climate and weather conditions as many natural hairstyles are defenseless against the elements of nature.

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