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Loving Your Locs!

Oh the wonderful world of locs, dreads, dreds, free forms, dreadlocks, starter locs, 2 strand twists, interlocks, sister/brotherlocks and loc extensions. (Or whatever you like to call your hair) LOL There’s so much versatility in wearing your hair loc’d, no matter the diameter, the length, color and density; So don’t fret you have a plethora of styling options to fit your needs and wants.

Everyone will have something that they don’t like about their hair. (Hey even I do, and I’m a stylist.) It’s your hair, be proud of it and love it because you could be bald, although some pull off being bald very well. Your hair is beautiful and I love it!

Well here’s a list of some of the things I hear from new clients:

 My locs are frizzy.

– Its all in the curl pattern & texture. Softer less curly hair will be frizzier as locs. While coarse and overly curly hair will look smooth with no frizz.

My locs are too small

– Make sure when starting locs to bring in a picture of how you want your locs to resemble. Usually once you start off locs the size can’t be changed without extensive work being done. Consultations are a must to get a clear understanding of how your locs will look once they mature. You can combine locs in a way that you don’t create “Snake Tongues” and they look uniform down the entire shaft of the loc.

My locs are too big

– See answer above, although there is a way to make locs smaller with a delicate process that can be performed by a professional. This particular technique can be done in a way to keep the bases of locs strong and while giving you a fuller look.

I can’t do this grey.

– Haven’t you heard, “Grey is the new black”! Time to get with the trend! LOL ok so you have a few grey strands its okaaaay, just a little wisdom. J Buuuuuut if you absolutely can’t do the grey you have options… COLOR!!! J

They don’t look like locs, not loc’d yet.

-Many of my starter loc clients will say this usually after the 3rd – 4th month after I have congratulated them on being loc’d. Most have told me that they felt like their hair didn’t look like locs until around the 9th – 10th month. Even after I have showed them that their hair is actually loc’d much sooner than that. Usually what happens is that in their head starter locs don’t look like locs until they get “hang time” or they are not “frizzy”.  This is the classic “My locs don’t look like his/her locs.” Line…Boooo and you look exactly like someone else and you are not a twin. Hmmmmm LOL

My head too big for certain styles.

– Now some of you know you got a big chrome dome on your shoulders, while others are in complete denial. LOL Luckily for you I’m good at styling with your head size in mind. But so what your parents blessed you with a large cranium, guess what… That just means you have BIG BRAINS!!! J

I have a big forehead, try to conceal it.

– This one’s funny because I used to say this. (Ha) Well when you have BIG BRAINS sometimes the forehead has to accommodate for the extra. So with this small issue embrace it and show it off proudly. Well if you are not that proud then look for styles that will cover and conceal. Or for the ladies, you go another route and cut some bangs.

My locs are dry or itchy.

– Are you drinking enough water? Are you consuming enough fruits and veggies? Healthy hair, skin and nails start from within. So Drink up and opt for that apple or banana instead of that doughnut or bagel for breakfast. Moisturizing is imperative for locs; you must oil your locs weekly. Dry scalp is one culprit of itchiness. Too much oil is the other: consuming too many fried foods leads to over production of oil in the body. (Large flakes of dandruff) Keep a small spray bottle of a peppermint, tea tree & rosemary essential oils blended with carrier oil such as: Coconut, Apricot, Avocado or etc. You can add a small bit of water to help with absorption.

My locs are thinning.

– Uh Ohhh, let’s get to the bottom of why your locs are thinning to begin with.

A) Your previous stylist was over twisting and styling too tight.

B) You retwist or interlock too often.

A & B: This causes stress on the hair follicles and weakens them which makes the follicle close up and stop producing hair.

C) You are aging.

As you get older heredity sets in. Some people’s hair gets finer (thin) while others hair gets coarser. Sometimes your hair follicles just naturally close up and stops producing hair. When this happens there is not very much you can do to reverse this aging process. There are a few short-term options to making hair look fuller.  Just know that they are short term and will have to be redone periodically to maintain fullness.

D) Health, Medications, Drug habits.

Your health plays a vital part of your hair, skin and nails. Make sure you are doing all you can to stay healthy by consuming fruits, veggies, nuts and water. When your health starts to fail, some people take medications that have a list of side effects. Be certain to read over all side effects and understand the risk of taking certain medications. As with medications the use of recreational drugs can also cause havoc on your hair. Color won’t take, hair has film on it, dry, breakage and brittleness are all effects of using recreational or prescription drugs. So stay healthy and say no to drugs! (I highly recommend the FARMacy instead of the Pharmacy.)

 My locs are not long enough for any style.

– Contrary to your belief there are several styles for short locs (Unless you have comb coils on less than an inch of hair). When you go to a professional loctician they will be able to give you styles through out your loc journey. I have had clients to wear their hair up the entire starter loc to teen loc phase. Don’t limit yourself schedule your appointment today with a local professional loctician in your area for hot/ fierce styles for short locs.


As you see many of your concerns about your locs are really just all-personal self-conscious thoughts. When you are in the hands of a professional you will always love your locs, dreads, dreadlocks, dreds, free forms, starter locs, 2 strand twists, interlocks, sister/brotherlocks and loc extensions, because they will be healthy, shiny and pliable.  So look in the mirror, love what you see and hire a professional to care for your locs, as they S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy

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  • Renee Plenty

    Its been two years since I had locks, I started with the double strand twist with my hair length a little above my upper chest. However, after two years the ends are not locked and its abit frustrating

  • Carren Olivacce

    I’m loving my lox! I love every persons hair I lox. Whether I start, maintain, style or treat or repair! I enjoy creation. Natural beauty and natural products. Inventing concoctions that are individual to the clients needs and hair type and stage. Locs are so fun! I can’t understand people that don’t enjoy them as much as I do. Brin them come and make me love them for you x peace love and blessings xxx

  • Busisiwe Mahlangu

    Thnx for the insight. I’m so excited

  • Love the styles and thanks for the tips

  • Shawn h

    Thanks , aw this info was helpful. !!

  • Michelle

    Im just 10 weeks into my locking prosses….only when they are redone do i like them…I hate them when they are growing out

  • Alex

    Thank you for the article!
    I have a question,please tell me how do I get colour to my locks!i have used a lot of different afro hair dye and the colour just doesn’t locks are not too long! I like them black but I am desperate for a change and to make things worse I am not near hair salons that do black hair.please help.
    Thank you

    • dcamcar

      Try Natural Henna to color black hair. Although it takes a few months for translucent color to ‘build up’ in hair shaft the effort is worth it.

  • I have very nice locks

  • Rosetta M.Wright-Lewis

    I’ve hsd my locks for 24yrs

  • Monique Sandiford

    I love my locs. I’ve been growing them for 18 years and can now sit on them. I wouldn’t change for anything. Locs are where it’s at.