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Crystal’s Journey

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Hello Everyone!  My name is Crystal Perry. I was born and raised and currently live in Jackson, TN. I have extremely thick hair and it’s very hard to maintain in the summer months. As fast as I would put a perm in, I would sweat it out. When permed, my hair was beautiful, but it wouldn’t last. It was either too windy or too hot. …so, it was either all over my head from the wind or frizzy from the heat. I didn’t want to cut my hair at first and decided to just grow my perm out. I just wore my hair in a ponytail. Well, I got tired of wearing the pony tail and trying to figure out what to do next. I went from ponytails, to wigs, to braids.  I’m a very “let’s get it done” kinda gal. I ain’t got time for that. So, I chopped it off.

I usually wash and condition my hair once every two weeks …or when I feel it’s needed. I use “Eden” Shampoo and conditioner or Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been satisfied with Eden but I love trying new products.

I keep it moisturized to prevent breakage. I rarely use combs. The goal is hair growth and I don’t want my  hair damaged from dryness. If it’s dry, I definitely don’t need to comb it. Always moisturize first.


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