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Many women ask, “How do I get my curls more defined?” Curls are such a confusing topic for many of my naturalistas. Why so, you ask. Its confusing because many of the products out always flaunt women with loose curls, like Tracey Ellis Ross, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jurnee Smollett and etc. Not everyone has that curl pattern and some of you try every product on the shelf to get your curls to look like that when it will never happen.

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First in order to know how YOUR curls will look you must understand curl patterns. I’m not a fan of the curl-typing trend. As a professional we don’t use that terminology. Many of you probably won’t understand unless I state curl types. So to help you out I will include pictures of the different curl patterns a.k.a. curl types.

Straight curl patterned hair or curl type 1 and 2a has absolutely no curl pattern at all. The hair follicle is round like a circle, so it produces straight hair.

Wavy Curl Patterned hair or curl type 2b and 2c has a slight wave pattern to it that does not form a complete curl. The hair follicle is semi oval which will produce a pattern that will mostly resemble an “S” shape.

Loose Curl patterned hair or curl type 3a and 3b will tend to have a very loose curl pattern. The curls tend to be bigger and further apart. The hair follicle is shaped like an oval and will produce a pattern that will look more like loops.

Curly patterned hair or curl type 3c and 4a will have a tighter curl pattern. The curls are smaller and are closer together. The curls will resemble a spring and come from a slim oval shaped follicle

Extra curly patterned hair or 4b and 4c will extremely tight curls. These curls will look like a zigzag or a tightly coiled spring or it some cases can even be a combination of the two. Hairs will grow out of a flat oval shaped follicle.

Great you should now have a better understanding of your curl patterns or aka curl types, know that everyone will have a mix of different curl patterns on their head. Usually many people will have one pattern in nape, another pattern in crown and totally different pattern around edges and front. So don’t be alarmed if you notice that you have multiple patterns, you are officially normal! LOL Now for the most part the bulk of your hair will be one particular pattern and you may have a small patches of hair that is a different pattern. From what I’ve seen most women who press/flat iron their hair more often will end up with a looser curl pattern either over time or overnight. Just depends on your hair’s memory. Some women can flat iron their 4c hair type one time and then go back to natural curls but will end up with a 3c or 4a in some areas.  While other women will have to continuously flat iron/press their hair for several weeks or even months before the curl pattern changes (i.e. from a 4a to a 3b). If your curls are too loose from frequent heat styling you can contact your professional stylist for a protein treatment to tighten your curls.

So you are like okay okay okaaaay. I already knew some of this if not all while others are like wow, I had no idea. Hold on to your seat here is what you have been waiting for. How to Define YOUR natural curl. Now that we have explained that your curl pattern is yours and no one else’s, you can only make YOUR own natural curls more defined.

To do so (this is a tedious task, but is worth it for the results) take small sections of your hair and apply curl defining product on it making sure you stretch the hair first, then twirl it around your finger. Remember a little goes a long way. Do this all over your entire head. (You may want to enlist help; a friend, spouse, older children, etc.) Once you have done this depending on product used your curls can last up to a week’s time with proper care and maintenance. You may have to go over a few strands based on what side you favor laying while sleeping.  To ensure your curls will last make sure hair is clean: properly shampooed and conditioned and that your ends have been trimmed and is free from split ends. Remember split ends will not hold any curl or any style as it is broken hair that lacks moisture and memory. (Guess you can say split ends have Alzheimer’s or C.R.S. [Can’t Remember Shhhhh#%+] lol

Ok awesome you are now in the know of what your curl pattern aka curl type is and you can know make better decisions with choosing styles that are befitting of YOUR natural curls to make you feel and look like a QUEEN! Because it’s really easy to S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy.

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  • Kim

    Where are the pix of the different types of curls?? I only see descriptions and not pix. I’d like to know the type of curls I have please and thank you 🙂