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What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Your hair can do more than hold a cute style for you to wear around. Since the days of the ancients it has been so much more. Hair has played a significant role in the everyday lives of people all over the world and in every culture. Hair has then and now spoke volumes about a person.

Historically our hair has been an indicator of economic and marital status, group affiliations, health, genetics and more. Just as in the past, in the present it can make a statement and play an important role in the lives of people. Spritually it has been believed to hold power and energy, with many religions having rules regarding the covering and/or styling of hair and handling of hair. Certain styles were worn by people identifying with a group or affiliation such as those in the varying African countries. The wigs worn by the first presidents of the United States and many others during that time wore them as a symbol of wealth and status.

Our hair has also been seen to represent our mental state. In many cultures, disheveled and unkempt hair was a sign that a person was mourning or mentally ill. Although it can be an unfair judgement, many still believe this today. Additionally, excessive emotional or mental stress has been linked to brittle/fragile hair, breakage, loss and balding. These symptoms can also be attributed to our diet and/or internal factors like hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies and medicinal side effects.

Many believe that a person’s exterior environment can speak for what is going on internally within that person. A cluttered space can signal disorder and chaos within ones mind, or a sense of feeling overwhelmed or in disorder. Although this is not always true, there are correlations between what is going on within a person and what manifests on the outside of their body and environment. Hence the saying: “A cluttered space is the sign of a cluttered mind”. The same goes for our physical attributes such as our hair, skin, etc. It has been believed that not only does it let us know what is going on internally with our health, it also can signal mental/emotional, and even spiritual health.

Think your hair is unruly or “uncooperative”? Don’t be surprised if it continues to “rebel” against you until you change the way you view and handle it. That “chaos” that is seen manifesting in the hair of some may be representative of the chaos within. This may be temporary life changes, stressors, and transitions. Balancing ones inner self often results in a response of a more positive relationship with one’s entire body, including their hair.

Whatever your thoughts are regarding your hair, know that it is an extension of you just as all the other parts of your body are. It sits a top one of the most important parts of your body, your head. It is important to learn to listen to what it could be saying in order to come into harmony with ourselves in all aspects and radiate the beauty and health from within outwards. What does your hair say about you?


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