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Natural Chica Goes Straight Again, No Lye!

Our Good Friend Robin D. Groover is a Master at what she does. The last time Natural Chica had her hair straightened was December 2011. Watch this video and view the original video shot back in 2011.

Natural¬†Chica’s First Visit With Robin

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  • Amaris Miller

    I would love to come to this salon when my family and I visit the states in the summer…currently in Egypt but it seems everybody at this salon is sooooo informative!!!I LOVE IT great work!!

  • Bright Kekeli

    Great opportunity for this hair salon to become a multi-billion dollar company! Open more branches across Atlanta and the whole of the USA, then go global!! Africa, Europe and the rest of the world. Write books create your own youtube chanel/website! Make a deal with the manufacturers of the products that you use and rebrand them with your salon name. These products should be made available to international consumers either directly via your website or via amazon/ebay or both.

    Franchise the salons if you have to for quicker growth and expansion. I would be willing to invest in your brand to open up franchises in the UK (where I live) and in Ghana (where I’m from). I am serious about this!!!