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Steam Therapy, So Amazing For Your Hair

Steam Therapy

What a wonderful way to pamper your tresses! I mean really ladies, steam therapy is like getting your hair shampooed and scalp massaged by Idris Elba or Vin Diesel.  Ok well not that dreamy but its pretty darn close.  I mean taking time to steam your hair is the best thing since sliced bread or vegan brownies; whichever tickles your fancy. Why is steam therapy so amazing for hair you ask?

Several reasons:

steam therapy


Steam therapy replaces lost moisture from sweating, sleeping on cotton pillowcases (which is not advised), heat styling and environmental elements. Taking additional time to sit under a steamer will help to increase the water level of your crown. This will leave your hair feeling soft, pliable and full of life. Think of it like this, you have a garment that has been in your closet for months, you pull it out and decide to wear it, but you realize it doesn’t feel soft, it has a few wrinkles and that pesky hanger shape so you run an iron over it with the steam setting, this softens the fibers of the fabric which releases the wrinkles and now the garment is flowing and is a perfect fit. Replace the garment for your crown and the iron for a steamer and you will get the same results free flowing soft hair.


If you color your hair you will need double the moisture of those who don’t. Why? Colored hair is stripped of sebaceous oils that are naturally occurring from the scalp. Especially if you are more than 2 shades lighter than you’re natural color. Melanin is what gives your tresses its natural color, it is also stripped from the hair shaft after a color application, causing the strands to become dry and brittle. Steam therapy helps to moisturize your crown. A steam treatment is usually included in color services by professionals as it helps to replace moisture lost from the application process. It also assists to seal in your color allowing for a more vibrant color service.

steam therapy

Softer Hair

Have you ever been like, wooo my hair feels kind of itchy to the skin or touch? Well if so you are the prime candidate for steam therapy. Steam treatments will make your crown feel 5x softer than those who do not treat with water vapor. By combining a conditioning mask or deep oil treatment and steam your hair will feel like a soft babies blanket to the skin. No more itchy hair.

Imagine loving your natural hair already as it is but by utilizing steam therapy you will find a new love affair with your crown. The benefits of steaming are bountiful.

–          Hydration

Steaming allows for 5x more hydration than conditioners alone. Those of us with natural hair know all too well that balancing proper hydration and conditioning have been a challenge. Well utilizing a steamer along with an oil therapy will definitely help your tresses become softer and moisture rich.

–          Reduces Dandruff and dry scalp

Oh those pesky flakes and itchy scalp that drives you to insanity by scratching relentlessly with anything (your nails, a pen, a rattail comb, hair pins and etc.) to soothe the irritation.  Well usually when your scalp is itchy it means that it is dry and is lacking water. Steaming will reduce this common issue amongst the naturalista community. Infused water vapor works to moisturize and penetrate deeper into the scalp allowing for full hydration of hair follicles.

–          Reduces breakage

Have you ever notice shedding of hair when playing with or grooming your crown? Usually small/ short pieces of hair that will fall on the floor or counter while you have your hands in your head or while combing / brushing it. This may be more prominent in those who receive color services and those that don’t drink enough water. Steaming will help to reduce the amount of breakage you see, by nourishing your tresses with plenty of moisture.

Steam Therapy has a plethora of benefits so invest that extra time and money to get the softer more luscious hair you’ve always desired. Moisture is key to keeping your tresses beautiful and scalp hydrated. Don’t fear steam it’s your friend when it comes to preventing dry hair. It’s easy to S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy.

If you are looking to purchase a steamer try Amazon.

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  • betty allen

    Good info. Where do I get a steamer from?

    • admin

      Hello Betty,

      You can find steamers online through Amazon. Here is the search link to steamers on Amazon:

  • Angela

    Own one. The best purchase I’ve made since going natural. Everything in this article is true.

    • Angie

      Thank you for agreeing with me. It is not so difficult to maintain healthy hair.

  • sonta3940

    How do I get my hair to grow thicker

    • Angie

      Genetics is a part of it. If it is not in your genes to have thick hair then it won’t happen. JBCO is great for growing hair.

  • Emily

    Great tips! Love the hair, how did you get it to be like that

  • Yuvette Mitchell

    I’ve just begun my hair journey, although chemical free for about 18 mos., I’ve been wearing a wig for a year. Having issues trying to style my mid-length soft, 4b-c post-menopausal hair. Any suggestions to boost growth & thickness? It luvs oil and moisture-rich products, but it tends to go limp.

    • Angie

      JBCO is great for growing hair. If your hair is limp it probably means you have build up. Try clarifying your hair once a month with a clear shampoo. Then shampoo and condition with a moisturizing products.