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Are You Dealing With Election Stress?

election stress


Stressed about the Presidential Election??? Worried about how the next President of the United States might forward Policies that might not be advantageous to you economically, socially, or politically???

DON’T!!!  Just, DON’T!  DO realize that YOU have the Greatest Degree of Influence over Your Life’s Trajectory, Your Outcomes, and Your Overall Happiness and Success… YOU.   Yes, YOU!  It’s ALL about the Tiny Little Steps that YOU Take (and, Hopefully, Repeat) Each and Every Day of Every Week of Every Month of Every Year…

Don’t Give your Personal Power over to a President, a Government, an Employer, or any Other Outside Elements.  Only YOU Have the Power to Control your Destiny…  Use this as an Opportunity to Take Back Control of your Life!

Stress associated with the US Presidential Election can be MAMMOTH.  Stress associated with just watching the election results can be Significant.  Today’s world has way too much Stress, and every little bit from every single source contributes to your overall stress, reactivity, anxiety level, and mental health…

election stress

“So, What’s the Answer?”  Don’t Stress!!!  But, then the question becomes “HOW??”  Realize that YOU have a Greater Degree of Control over your Trajectory, Happiness, and Success than any other Factor, Variable, Person, Government, or Entity.  This concept is highlighted by books like “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”  Ultimately, you can’t totally control who becomes President, what laws Congress enacts, what the Supreme court strikes down or upholds, who the Governor of your State of Mayor of your City is, how much your health insurance costs, how much your taxes are, or how much the government attempts to control, monitor, or regulate what you do or how you do it…  You have a small degree of control over those things, but only as little, as much, or as more than every other citizen of this country.

However, what you DO have control over is the following: (1) Your 1st Thought when you wake up in the Morning (2) What you eat for Breakfast each Morning (3) How Productive your day is (4) How much you focus on your goals and objectives (5) How hard you work (6) How much you work (7) Which Thoughts you allow to enter your consciousness ( and, your unconsciousness) to fester, ruminate, &/or ferment (8) What you expose yourself to each day (9) What you have for lunch (10) With whom you spend time after work&/or on weekends (11) What you read each week (12) What you watch on television—that is, if you CHOOSE to watch TV (13) What music you listen to (14) Which movies your watch (15) Whom you allow to influence you (16) Your relationship with your family and extended family (17) Your relationship with your spouse (17) Your relationships with your friends (18) Your relationship with your boss &/or supervisor(s) (19) Your Outlook on Life (20) How you spend your weekends (21) What you eat for dinner (22) How much water your consume each day (23) Whether or not you take a Multivitamin each day (24) How you treat your hair and skin each day (25) How much you allow negative forces, circumstances, and people to influence how you think &/or feel (26) Whether you spend your extra time goofing off or investing in your future trajectory (27) The quality of your sleep (28) How much money you spend (29) How much money you save (30) How much money you have (31) Whether or NOT you choose to INVEST in your Future…

election stress

YOU have a HIGH Degree of Control over all of these variables…  So, FOCUS on THEMNOT on what the President, Congress, or your co-workers and neighbors are doing.  Both personally & professionally, I use Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine ® Therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Psychoanalytic Techniques, & Continuous Coaching to help empower both myself and my clients and patients to realize, seize, and control the power where it originally emanates from—The MIND.  It all starts with your mind…  Your daily thoughts have a greater degree of determination of your Happiness & Success than any other factor or variable.  Many of us spend more time focusing on our car, clothes, home, and friends than we do on our thoughts…   NOT Good.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine ® Therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Psychoanalytic Techniques, & Continuous Coaching can help you take control of your Thoughts—Both those you’re aware of, and even the ones that you aren’t aware of (which, consequently, may have the greatest influence over your happiness and success).  Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine ® Therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Psychoanalytic Techniques, & Continuous Coaching can help you ensure that you have the most positive, most resilient, and most success-creating thoughts possible as a daily resource…

Just remember.  It’s the “Small Steps” that you take each and every day in each and every way that matter more than anything else.  If you’re still not there, then contact Medical Legal Consultants of Greater Atlanta for your FREE Initial Consultation…  What do you have to lose, except for 4 more years of powerlessness and stagnation???


Dr. David Wright

Medical Legal Consultants of Greater Atlanta

David A. Wright, MD, MBA, MHSA

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Board Certified NLP Practitioner

Board Certified TimeLine ® Therapy Practitioner

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