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Powerful natural ways to relieve stress, anxiety


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Derived From: Natural News
Original Author: Amy Goodrich

We all have our worries and our battles. Whether it’s about work, family, money or love, sometimes it just seems like the world is coming down on you. With all the escape routes blocked, you feel stressed and freaked out. Your heart is racing, you have trouble breathing, you can’t think straight, and the only thing you wish for is a little bit of peace.

Whether you have a full-blown anxiety disorder or are just temporarily stressed out, you may not want to resort to prescription medication just yet. They come with a host of harmful side-effects and may even make things worse in the long run.

Here are ten powerful ways to tame anxiety and stress without the need for drugs.

1. Breathing exercises

When emergency strikes and you feel a panic attack coming, simple breathing exercises can reverse the situation. As reported by, breathing slowly and steadily can stimulate the body’s parasympathetic response, which is also often referred to as the relaxation response.

2. Guided meditation

If you want to take your breathing exercises a step further to find inner peace, guided meditation is the answer. Mindfulness meditation has become a widespread practice in the recent years to quiet the mind. A study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggests that mindfulness meditation can help ease psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and pain.

3. Aromatherapy

Scents have a powerful effect on the brain. Diffusing essential oils in your home and applying a few drops on your wrists, are two of the easiest ways to make you feel calm and confident. The most commonly used essential oils known for their calming and relaxing effect are ylang-ylang, chamomile, lavender, rose, frankincense, and vetiver.

4. Journaling

As reported by Care 2, journaling can be a great way to work through anxieties. While some people find it peaceful to write down their experiences of the day, others fare well by answering questions like “What made me angry today?,” “Why did that make me angry?” and “Why do I feel this way?”

5. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

ASMR is relatively new and doesn’t work for everybody. However, when it does work, it has shown some tremendous effects. ASMR involves certain noises, pictures, and other sensory stimuli that may provoke a calming, pleasurable response. Do a quick Google or YouTube search, and you’ll find loads of videos to see whether it works for you.

6. Routines

Knowing what to expect and creating daily routines may be an excellent way to combat anxiety. It can reduce a lot of the uncertainties of life which may lead to stress and anxiety.

7. Herbal tea

Herbal teas are a great way to combat stress and anxiety. Not only does the warmth of a cup of tea work on soothing the mind, but some herbal teas are also packed with mind easing scents and compounds. These herbals teas include chamomile, peppermint, dandelion or rose.

8. Self-massage

Giving yourself a foot, scalp or facial massage can do wonders. Also, don’t forget to add calming essential oils to your favorite body oil or moisturizer to enhance the relaxing effect.

9. Mandalas

Drawing and coloring mandalas has a therapeutic and meditative effect. It can take your mind off stressful events or anxiety episodes.

10. Adult coloring books

Next to mandalas, adult coloring books have become quite popular these days. Coloring can be a significant stress-reliever. It can take your focus away from whatever makes you anxious or stressed.

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