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Denise’s Journey

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I have been natural for 3 yrs and 5 months. I never really had a problem with my hair, I just decided I didn’t want to relax anymore. I was however watching lots of YouTube videos from about 4/5years ago and learnt quite a few things and as I was one to not to do too much to my hair, it was soon beginning to strive before my eyes shortly after introducing new methods like moisturising and sealing. So I said to myself “if my hair can progress like that relaxed, imagine what it could be like in its natural state”. The rest is history.

I am enjoying my 4b in front and 4c at the back. It’s a whole new challenge. It’s frustrating at times, it’s surprising at times, but am loving it more and more each time and wished I’d done it sooner. I’ve big chop before but wasn’t ready for the natural look just yet. I do all my hairstyles and have done friends and relatives. I am quite creative and have kept people guessing about my hair especially when I do my crochet braids as I do them rather differently to the ones I normally see on YouTube.

My hair is the longest, thickest and healthiest it’s ever been in my life. I’ve had a relaxer from the age of 12. In three short years it’s come a long way an am proud. I had a few setbacks but it’s a learning progress. In terms of hair goals/length, I’ll just let my hair do its thing and surprise me even more.

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