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Nicole’s Journey


“Hey there! 🙂 My name’s Nicole, I’m 27 years of age, and while I haven’t had a perm since my elementary days, I didn’t embrace rocking my fro until about 4 years ago. I made an attempt in middle school but I lacked the confidence and knowledge on how to care for my curls properly. The flat iron then became my best friend. After years of frying my hair you can imagine the damage that was left behind. With my haircut like Rihanna’s old Bob, it just required too much maintenance. I had recently had my daughter (who’s now a five year old mini me) and had no energy to put into flat ironing my hair throughout the day. I started watching two youtubers on a constant basis, got the inspiration to start my natural hair journey, and went for it! I cut a large amount of hair off. I haven’t looked back since. I work twist out for the first year to help me get through the awkward stage. Fast forward three and a half years, my hair went from reaching my jawbone to now reaching my shoulder blades. I’m actually able to just wake up, go, and let the wind be my hairstylist. I still have a lot to learn about my hair but to me that’s exciting. The confidence and self acceptance I’ve gained since going natural has been invaluable. I’m anxious to see what the next few years has in store for me!”

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