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Ebonny Nicole’s Journey

Hello Natural Beauties,

I am 2yrs natural and loving it! I decided to go natural after post partum shedding from the birth of my now 2yr old son. After getting fed up and frustrated with my hair, I grabbed a pair of shears and chopped my hair down to 2 inches. I then began to think that I have been relaxed since I was a toddler!! I had been brain washed all my life into thinking that my kinky hair was ugly and that I needed to relax my hair so that I can be pretty. As a 30yr old hairstylist, I had no idea how to manage and style this “Nappy Fro Mess”. It took weeks and weeks of Youtubing to learn how to take proper care of my own natural hair. As strange as it must sound, once I fully found my natural hair, I feel like I fully found myself. I have never been so in love with me! And my hair has never been this thick and long before breaking off again. My go to protective style is the Crochet Style. This helps to protect my coils from breakage due to manipulation and daily styling as well as weather damage. My favorite crochet hair is Freetress Water wave. This hair is the best to shake and go! No product is required to maintain. This hair can last up to 4 weeks if I make sure to wear my bonnet to avoid frizzing while sleeping.

My wash routine when not in Crochets:

· Cornrow hair into 8 subsections
· Using an applicator bottle, mix Shampoo and 30% water
· Apply diluted shampoo and focus and cleansing scalp
· Condition well
· After towel drying braided hair oil scalp well
· For dry scalp, apply Vaseline to scalp every other day
· After drying, remove braids.
· Hair will be stretched and safe to finger detangle without breakage
· Finally, I add 2 quick BoHo twist! (Link to Tutorial )

I swear by this routine for max hair growth!

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