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Kimi’s Journey


I’m Kimitria, however, Kimi will suffice. I’m @kimicocaine on Instagram, given the nickname because friends say my charismatic personality makes me addictive. I’m also a southern belle residing in Atlanta, Ga in the U.S.

I am just overflowing with joy due to the progress of my natural tresses and decided to share with you! I have been free of chemical relaxers for a whole two years. I had been prepping and strengthening my hair in order to color it the blonde you see today. Everyone who knows me personally is so shocked and pleased to see my God-given curls on display because I used to be such an advocate for sew-ins/hair extensions. Don’t get me wrong, I love my extensions. However, nothing compares to the confidence and appreciation I’ve gained for my natural hair! The feeling of freedom has spoiled me so much that I can hardly wear weave! The journey has been eye opening and I’ve actually changed my lifestyle to benefit my health, which impacts my hair. All things Taliah Waajid and Shea Moisture have become pivotal to my hair regimen, as well as virgin coconut oil.

Thank you, Natural Hair Mag, for sharing stories like mine and styling tips that help inspire and motivate women like me on our natural hair journey.

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