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I generally patronize the fruit and vegetable market about three to four times per week.  I recently realized that I have never spoken to the many powerful benefits of consuming eggplant.  At the top of that is how fast eggplant lowers cholesterol and blood cholesterol.  While on a recent phone conversation with my grandfather I discovered that eggplant is one of his most prized vegetables out of his entire garden.  This tidbit of information is vital to the conversation because he is 85 years of age and lives primarily from his garden.  Eggplant is know as the garden egg.  It maintains a beautiful dark purple coat that shines brightly.  It is a close family member of the tomato, bell pepper and potatoes.  This is known as the night shade family.  So what makes eggplant so potent and have the ability to lower cholesterol naturally.  It’s actually the eggplant juice that contains nutrients that have been proven to lower cholesterol through several studies.  Eggplant contains vitamins B1, B3, B6, copper, folate and fiber for those that have issues with waste buildup within the colon.

One of the things that makes eggplant so attractive is that it is also used as a meat substitute.  Vegans and vegetarians alike love adding eggplant to their recipes.  You can fry, bake, broil, boil, sautee or stew it and it will taste great.  I’ve had the great pleasure of consuming eggplant soup which was extremely nutritious and tasty.  When we think in terms of cellular health we have to also think in terms of blood health because healthy clean blood means healthy clean cells.  This will require us to consume fruits and vegetables that are dark in color.  This is also what makes eggplant suitable and recommended for frequent consumption.  Aside from eggplant, other blood building foods are dark grapes, cherries, strawberries, black berries, blueberries and more.

To begin consumption of the eggplant it is recommended that you peel the vegetable first and slice for preparation.  I you’re frying you may slice them in the same manner as people slice green tomatoes when frying them.  If you decided to make a soup you may want to consider cutting the eggplant in blocks before adding them to the pot.  All in all this is a very healthy cholesterol lowering food that works wonders.  I suppose it does not get the acclaim that the other foods receive because of it’s shape and name.  As you hear the name and you are not familiar with the vegetable one would automatically surmise that egg and plant don’t seem to go together.  For myself, this is what subconsciously made me shy away from this nutritious food.  In my mind I had a picture of an egg inside of a plant and I was repelled by the thought of even consuming it.  I was most definitely wrong!  Try this beautiful vegetable for yourself and experience the results.

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