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Why Finger Combing May Be Better For Natural Hair

It seems like every time you comb your hair, it breaks or appears to be breaking. Maybe it is time to make a transition from traditional combing to finger combing.

The difference between the two is control, in my opinion. With your fingers, you can kinda of pick directly at those bad tangles and knots but with a comb, you have no choice but to rake through it until it comes out.

That raking could be very damaging your hair.

Finger does not mean that all your strands have to be subjected to straightening unlike a comb. This could help you to retain length and maintain stronger hair since you are not messing with it so much as you would be with a comb, going over the same section many times.

The best way to finger comb is on wet or damp hair. The moisture allows your fingers to slide through your hair better while still being able to pick out the tangles.

It will also help to have some type of leave-in conditioner or oil on your hair to add to the lubrication for your fingers. Additionally, this provides long term moisture after you have finished finger combing your hair.

For a better idea of finger combing, check out this natural finger combing her hair in the shower.

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