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How Others Can Hamper Your Natural Hair Journey

As happy and excited as you may be about your natural hair journey, there will always be people who will make it a point to tell you how they feel about it.

It can be family, friends, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, coworkers or complete strangers. There is just something about natural curly hair that makes people perk up for on reason or another.

And these very same people could be what is keeping your hair from being the most healthy it can be, especially if they are negative.


The constant “Oh, you would look better if you straightened your hair!” or “Why did you do THAT to your hair?!” or “Oh no. Not another one going all natural on us now!” can be more than a few naturals can bear before they actually start believing the world has a problem with their natural texture.

Next thing you know, they’ve returned to the creamy crack against they’re own wishes.

It’s no secret: people’s words hurt. Why if something makes you feel good does someone try to find a way to tear it down? Why will some people always deem the natural hair movement as a bad thing?

People who know little to nothing about something are usually the first ones to say something negative about it. Clearly, they do not understand how curly and kinky hair textures work and thing that just because it grows out as opposed to down, it’s automatically a hot mess.

Enough times of hearing that may drive a natural over the edge, like women don’t have enough self-image concerns.

Luckily, it’s own head of hair, not theirs. You have no obligation to anyone besides your scalp. If people are going to look at your differently, if you man doesn’t like it, if you mom says it looks crazy, let them talk because you are not doing it for them. A natural hair movement is for you.

And a big part of the movement involves so much creativity and lovely protective styles so if you do not feel like wearing your natural hair out, then don’t!

But ultimately, your decisions with your hair should be just that: Yours.

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