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FoxyMango: Fresh, Body-Happy Goods


FoxyMango is an affordable online shop that provides natural hair and skincare products. The shop started after the owner, Cheryl Rose, started to search for hair products on her own that could accommodate the different hair textures she had. After changing her diet, she decided to also seek out healthy natural products to help nourish her hair and body. However, she immediately started experiencing difficulties finding products.

Rose stated that after searching around online and dealing with different websites [and different shipping rates] she concluded that there “has to be a better way” to find natural supplies. She said that she “searched all over the place” to find some of the best products for her hair and skin, and decided to create an online space where women with natural hair could also find top-notch brands and products at an affordable price in one place.

The FoxyMango website states:

“We want to share our journey of finding healthier products by connecting you with eco- and body-happy goods that are affordable and that you can trust, in performance and ingredients.”

Rose has personally researched all the ingredients in the products she provides and she markets to “people who are concerned about what’s in their hair. It’s hard for women of color to find good products. Foxy Mango’s products are for women of color, and has good ingredients.”

Rose’s own natural hair journey is as unique as the products she carries in her online store. When she initially went natural, she wasn’t aware that there was a larger movement occurring. She simply wanted healthier hair but was exposed to the larger movement as she developed her online store. For her, natural hair is “people being able to accept and show themselves as they are.” She says, “Do it because you want to do it. I can wear my hair curly, straight, braided…as long as I feel good and healthy.”


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Rose helps women who want natural, healthy hair by providing affordable, healthy products. Foxy Mango also has products that help with skincare. As someone who has struggled with acne herself, Rose knows just how expensive certain skin care serums can be in the market. She states, “When I launched the shop, I only used products you would actually pay for.” In fact, she states that everything is UNDER $30.00. She is concerned with affordability and access. She aims to help as many people as she can by making it affordable. She’s taking this one step further for Natural Hair Mag. Cheryl Rose is offering 10% off any order from now until September 14, 2014 for Natural Hair Mag Readers. The Coupon Code for this special deal is  NHM10.


Right now, the most popular brand FoxyMango carries is Soultanicals, which is a product created by a woman in her own kitchen; however, Rose recommends all the brands listed on the website. Also, if you needed one more reason to love FoxyMango, know that their shipping is super-fast and if you’re ordering in the US, there’s a flat shipping rate of $3.99. If your order is over $59.00, then you get FREE shipping!

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