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Senegalese Twists 101

Sengalese Twists

Senegalese twists are one of the many, gorgeous protective styles for natural hair that are simple to install and last for at least 2-4 months. Let’s explore the state that your own hair should be in before getting Senegalese twists, the type of synthetic fiber to purchase, how your scalp should feel during your appointment and how to take care of your twists! How Long Should Your Hair Be for Senegalese Twists? It is a good rule of thumb that there be at least ¾ inches of hair. Any shorter and you may be subjecting yourself to a lot of pain! Make sure your scalp is clean and healthy, too. Sores, eczema and inflammation on the scalp will only get worse if you have twists installed. So make sure your scalp and hair check off on this quick list before getting this style:

  • ¾ inches of hair at minimum
  • Clean, freshly washed and dried hair
  • No irritated scalp

The Type of Synthetic Fibers Used on Senegalese Twists Senegalese twists are made with synthetic hair fibers called Kanekalon and Toyokalon that can be purchased from any multicultural hair supply store.  Unlike human hair extensions, these synthetic fibers should cost $3-$4 a pack. Kanekalon fibers blend better with tightly coiled hair. If you have softer, wavy hair, Toyokalon may be a better option. Review the chart below to determine your hair texture type: hair types Installing Senegalese Twists Senegalese twists involve some slight pulling to grasp the hair, especially when the stylist first installs the braid. At no point should you feel like you are in dire pain even if you are doing them on yourself. Here are the steps to installing Senegalese twists:

  1. Make sure you scalp is prepped (see the first heading)
  2. Part the hair in four sections at minimum
  3. Part the sections in even rows
  4. Part a small piece of hair about the size of your index finger (or larger, depending on preference)
  5. Take a small amount of extension; enough to make an even braid with
  6. Braid the extension in the piece of hair half an inch long
  7. At the end of the short braid, separate the new installed braid in two and twist them (use some twist gel to make the twists stay longer)
  8. Wrap the right twist around the left twist all the way to the bottom. Seal the end of the twist with bonding glue, though this is optional
  9. Repeat these steps until your entire head is in Senegalese twists
  10. Clip the ends of straggling hair and dip in hot water to make them flat. You can also wrap the ends with curl rods and dip them in hot water for permanent curly ends

             TUTORIAL11 Easy Senegalese Twist Styles


Taking Care of Senegalese Twists Don’t forget to oil your hair every several days or as needed. Make sure you wrap your head up every night in a silk head wrap or silk pillow case. This keeps the base of the twist from getting too frizzy. Avoid putting your twists in tight buns and ponytails as it may cause unnecessary stress on your scalp. Use these tips to keep your Senegalese twists lovely for weeks!


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