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Hair Affairs: Attending A Natural Hair Meet-up

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NHM Model Valyncia

 Have you ever attended a natural hair meet-up or natural hair event? When was the last time you did? If you haven’t yet then it is highly recommended that you do.

Generally, they are a great way to network and meet naturalistas from diverse backgrounds.  Who knows? After attending so many, you may even want to start up your own based on what you feel other meet-ups lack.  Either way, these meet-ups are designed to create an inviting, educational and mutual atmosphere for all curlies to share their hair journeys.

Just off the bat, here are 5 reasons why you should consider attending a natural hair meet-up:

1. You get to meet and identify with the experiences of naturalistas from different cultures, races, and textures!

2.If you’re an official or aspiring blogger/vlogger, they’re a great way to learn how to put your foot in the door and meet your prospective viewers, in addition to meeting natural hair companies.

3.Most natural hair meet-ups have inspiring and informative workshops to attend that teach you how to care for your natural hair.  In addition, some of them have styling demonstrations and open forums to discuss your natural hair concerns and triumphs!

4. Many natural hair, fashion and jewelry vendors attend to market their products and sometimes offer discounted prices on meet-up day.

5. Most times, when you attend a natural hair meet-up you leave with a goodie bag filled with free samples and natural hair goods—if you’re lucky sometimes these free samples are full-sized products!

So you see, it’s worth a try—nothing to lose but so much to gain! Do some research and find out some events in your area.  Invite a friend, attend together.  Let’s make it a hair affair! =)

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