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Creamy Crack: Tips To Avoid Relapsing

Creamy Crack: 5 Tips to Avoid Relapsing by

Gorgeous NHM Model Valeesa


As naturals, I know you’ve experienced those days when your hair was simply not being your friend. She was either acting stank, anti-social or just being a total and complete b-word!

And then she does not even apologize! She just sits on your head looking a hot mess, like she’s daring you say something crazy!

Yes…we’ve all had those days when we question why we went natural in the first place and if we can go on any longer. Yes, we’ve all watched hours of YouTube tutorials only to go to the store, get the same supplies and wind up with some creation that would make your momma scream!

We naturals have enough nonsense from others to contend with. It’s bad enough when the U.S. military changes its grooming standards, focusing mostly in on black hair, and get so much clap back that it reversed its standards or corporate America telling black women their talent and skill is welcomed in their offices…but not their hair.

Of course, you may feel a certain type of way about your hair. Should you conform to the ways of “the man” and perm or Dominican-blow the hell out of your hair to dryness, brittleness and eventual breakage? Or should you stick to your natural tresses and tell everyone and everything else to kiss where the sun don’t shine?

What is a natural to do?! I went ahead and locked my hair up! And have not looked back since! However, I know many naturals cannot or will not commit to that step, which is absolutely fine.

Well, one thing I do is focus my vanity elsewhere when my hair and I are not on speaking terms. And you should too!

Here is a list of things you can do to still look and feel fab while fighting off your creamy crack relapse:

  1. Focus on your eyes. There is something about a woman’s sexy gaze that will make anyone rubber neck. A simple recipe to the classic smoky eye look requires a light base eye shadow, black or dark brown eye shadow and a blending brush. Feel free to experiment with other colors too. You may find a look that will completely take your mind off your hair!
  1. Focus on your accessories. Large, colorful accessories set your entire ensemble off nicely. Coordinating earrings, bangles and shoes is one of my favorite looks for the workplace, as you can see! You don’t need to spend serious cash on these looks either. Wal-Mart and Target have adorable accessories in their jewelry departments. Most department stores and apparel stores will have accessories for sale on the cheap side too. And don’t sleep on Goodwill and garage sales either!

Accessories can also include cute head scarves and wraps. If you are not feeling your hair, simply wrap it and wear a lovely scarf on it. You may be surprised how gorgeous you will feel!

  1. Get a practice doll. I know this sounds elementary, but this is how I learned to do my own hair and other people’s hair. Practice protective styles, like Senegalese twists, box braids and corn rolls, on a doll. Once you have a good concept of these styles, you will be able to have a lot more creative options with your own hair.
  1. Stick to one brand. Sometimes, we naturals drive ourselves up a wall trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest in hair care products to the point where we get so frustrated, we start eyeing perm kits. Simply put: all you need is something to keep your hair moisturized every day and something to keep it washed. THAT’S IT! If you just washed your hair and want to attempt two strand twists or a bantu knot twist out, use a basic leave-in conditioner. It does not have to be a brand that breaks the bank either. Shea Moisture is my usual go-to product for all my hair needs. Their prices are reasonable and they do not load many chemicals into their products.
  1. Look for a great stylist. Sometimes, it pays to simply take the load off yourself and pay someone else to do your hair. Cut some salon spending money and do tasks at home, like washing and drying your own hair. Let your stylists know the issues you have been having with your hair. A good one will not only take the burden off your hands, but they will make sure you are at complete ease so you will come back again and again. Ask the stylists about maintenance tips and products you can buy between your appointments as well.

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