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Kiara’s Journey


I’ve been on my natural hair journey going on three years. It will officially be three years in October of this year. My partner and I were in a long distance relationship at the time and looked for ways for us to feel connected miles apart, so we decided to dare each other to cut off our hair. We both headed to the barbershop, and that is when my life changed. I didn’t think it would change so much just from cutting off my hair but when my hair disappeared, I became more aware of my insecurities. I was overweight at the time. I had gained 45 pounds outside of my normal weight and I felt like I didn’t have anything to hide behind. I started playing more in eye shadows, mascara, and large earrings, to try to draw the attention from my weight and my newly baldhead. NOW, in 2014, I can officially say my hair and I have grown TOGETHER. We’ve moved at our own pace and I’m not rushing or trying to change a thing. It’s been a great experience with a few stereotypical moments but I believe that is what makes you stronger in life. I believe that the norms of society sometimes make us complacent with being inside a box. I want to live freely outside of the box and I can say cutting my hair was a great step.


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  • Rashonda

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