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Michele’s Journey


 Hey I’m Michele Watts, & I have been natural for 1 year. Im also transitioning as well. This journey has been an experience which I have grown to love. Being with chemically processed hair every since the age 10, wanting to make a change at 28 was drastic. Well I thought it was actually easier.Over time with chemically relaxed hair, it started to thin and  break constantly. I tried to do the natural before, but relapsed only after just 3 months, so when I came up with the big ideal to try natural again;  I knew I had to have a different approach. I’m more educated on natural hair now and most of all, I had to study my own hair. I do less to my hair now which is a great benefit. My hair is stronger, it has grown more, and its growing back thicker. I’m at the point of No return which is FABULOUS.

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