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Too Little Hair Where You Want It and Too Much Where You Don’t!

Hair loss is common amongst all women, not just naturals.

It can be caused by genetics, bad hair styling, poor dieting or hormones.

However, excess hair, also known as hirsutism, is when you grow hair where you don’t want it, like your chin, sideburns or upper lip.

Both hair loss and hirsutism can affect a woman’s self esteem. I mean, no woman wants to be bald against her will and no woman wants to develop a beard against her will.

Hair loss and hirsutism occur because of the extra production of androgens in the ovaries. This extra production increases as a woman gets older. But it can also occur before hand, as early as puberty.

Minoxidil is the popular medication for hair loss and Spironolactone is the best medication for hirsutism. I’ve used spironolactone with success myself.

However there are ways to reverse both naturally. It will require some dedication on your part though. You will not able to half-arse reversing a hormonal imbalance. You have to go hard or it will not work. Some of these natural treatments require lifestyle changes altogether.

For hair loss consider doing the following:

  • Cut all soda. Caffeine is associated with nearly ever health epidemic in the black community. Too much sugar can disturb the natural functions in the body, especially your hormones, as the body has to now break down unwelcome fats.
  • Exercise outside more often. Even if it means taking a simple walk everyday. However, the more and harder your exercise, the more your blood flows, which allows the necessary nutrients to get to your scalp again.
  • Scalp massages are a must. This is the best way to ensure your scalp gets blood flow. The friction going to the scalp causes extra activity from the blood. Make sure to use a beneficial oil during your massages. You cannot go wrong with coconut or argan oil.

For hirsutism, consider the following:

  • Turmeric paste. This is an ancient technique from Indian involving a paste of turmeric powder, oil and cream. Wear this for several days and your hair could appear reduced in appearance. I personally did this with success! Watch my video discussing it.
  • Rub Lavender and tea tree oil on your affected areas. One Italian study showed that women with mild hirsutism saw some reduction when they used a solution of lavender oil and tea tree oil for a few months. If you have mild hirsutism, consider trying this.
  • Consider some herbs like inositol and saw palmetto. These two herbs have shown strides in helping some women reduce their unwanted facial and body hair. They act as natural anti-androgens and this is exactly what is needed to slow down androgen production. You can find both at any drug or organic food store.

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