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Long Term Transitioning

Transitioning chemically

treated and processed hair to natural hair without a “Big Chop” is another primary transitioning

method. Long-term transitioning is best for those who do not want their hair cut in one big event.

This long-term approach gives individuals the much needed time to make a mental “paradigm shift”

to natural as well. Whether you decide to transition over time or all at once, education yourself

regarding the process of caring and maintaining natural hair is vital will help prepare you, family

and friends for the change.


There are various transitioning styles.  However, the best are more typical –protective styles such

as, braided styles, twist-outs, braid-outs, buns and sewn-in weaves. Styles like braids, extensions

including sewn-in weaves that are carefully done to minimize breakage and manipulation in an effort

to allow the hair to grow out quickly and are great for longer-term transitions. There is an overall

consensus that Buns work best at the beginning of a transition.  However, once must exercise caution

as the transition progresses. It is important to note that slicking and smoothing while transitioning hair

back into a style can lead to breakage along the edges as new growth extends up and out

against the pull of ponytails.

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