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The True cost of being your own stylist

You’ve decided to go natural and fire your professional stylist. Now you think that you have won the battle with your hair. Well take a look at the true cost of being your own stylist.


So you go to the beauty supply store and you are standing in front of shelves filled with products for naturally curly hair. Products range from $2.99 – $15.99. At first you decide to go with the cheapest product to cut cost. Say you purchase a shampoo and conditioner plus a curl pudding for a total cost of $15. Then you go home and use these products and it doesn’t give you the effect that you desire. Now you are back at square one, beauty supply store. This time you opt for a little more expensive product and you purchase shampoo, conditioner and curl pudding that runs you about $25. You try these products and still not the result you intended. Now you look online at YouTube and Natural Hair Blogsites and you go back to store to purchase the products recommended. Maybe this time you try natural products such as: EVOO ($8), Mayonnaise ($6), Greek Yogurt ($4), Honey ($5), ACV ($3) then you go back to beauty supply store and purchase more products shampoo ($13), conditioner ($15) and a curl pudding ($10). Not to mention you got in the car spent gas money, stood in the beauty supply store for about 30-40 minutes trying to decide on which product to purchase. You spent time researching online. It took you about 4-5 hours to do your hair each time. Now let’s tally the amount and time you have spent.

Cheap Shampoo $5

Cheap Conditioner $6

Cheap Curl Pudding $4

Mid Priced Shampoo $9

Mid Priced Conditioner $10

Mid Priced Curl Pudding $6

Extra Virgin Olive Oil $8

Mayonnaise $6

Greek Yogurt $4

Honey $5

Apple Cider Vinegar $3

Name Brand Shampoo $13

Name Brand Conditioner $15

Name Brand Curl Pudding $10

Total spent on useless products $104

Time (6 hours x 3 times {18hrs} + gas and travel to store and back home + research time spent on internet {$20/hr}) $360

Total for doing your hair 3 times is $464


Your numbers are probably higher as to you may have purchased additional products like, detangling sprays, oil sheens, holding sprays, co-wash products, gels, oils, pomades and etc. The numbers I used are just basic and may actually be higher or lower depending your area of residence and product line purchased.  I’m being generous with valuing your time at $20/hr.


Going to a professional may run you about $60-90 and may take 1.5-3 hours. Stylist recommends product system they used and you purchased $60

Calculating on the high side

Professional Stylist 3 visits @ $90 = $270

Professional Product System $60 (1x)

3 hours each visit = 9 hours


Total = $330


In comparison you have SAVED $134 and SAVED 9 hours of your time. Truly is it worth you worring about your hair and continue to struggle with doing it your self? Just based off this comparison it behooves you to seek a professional. Not only do you save money, but you also save time and stress. I don’t know about you but my time is valuable and I prefer doing fun things than things that stress me and takes up too much of my personal time. Ladies it’s really easy to S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy

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