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What Is Marula Oil?

What is Marula Oil? Is it better than coconut oil? Read about it at featured on

I know it seems like every month there’s a new record-breaking skin and hair oil hitting the shelves.

That is not a bad think though. Even though it may be daunting to try to keep up with it all, from coconut oil to deciding if extra virgin or regular olive oil will work better, it is very tempting to try all the various hair oils on the market today.

Marula oil is no different. The name does not sound very familiar, does it? That’s because pure marula oil is not in as wide supply as other beauty African imports, like shea. Marula oil is made from the nuts of the South African tree by the same name. Marula trees have been found in Namibia and Madagascar as well. This makes marula oil in shorter supply and more expensive; hence, why you may not have ever heard of it.

Marula is made is many cosmetic products usually as an infusion, like Motions Marula Natural Hair & Scalp Oil.

But what makes marula oil so awesome is the fact that it is a very soft oil. It is high in oleic acid, similar to that of soft oils like sunflower and olive oil. Soft oils are easier to absorb into the skin and hair follicles. While heavier oils like coconut oil and cocoa butter are great for coating and protection, soft oils like marual are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving less of a greasy and heavy feeling on your skin and hair.

what is marula oil?

One of NHM Lovely Naturals!

On the flip side, marula oil can be pricy. Because of its limited supply, some marula products come in small supply and can be a little out of the pocket range. I came across an African beauty product made with marula oil. It was a tiny bottle for the skin that costs nearly $80! Fortunately, there are other marula products that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Let’s review the pros and cons to marula oil if you are considering purchasing:


  • Light oil that is easily absorbed
  • Does not leave the hair heavy
  • Natural antioxidant for skin and hair


  • Expensive
  • Pure marula oil comes in small packages

If you are still considering marula oil for a try, consider these products for your skin and hair:

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