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Teacher Cuts Child’s Natural Braid, Keeps Her Job

Am I the only one who feels like these unfortunate encounters with natural hair from people who don’t have natural disturbing?

This Milwuakee Congress Elementary School Teacher though it would be a good idea to embarrass 7-year old Lamya Cammon when she would not stop playing with one of her braids.

Lamya is a precious little natural black child who was wearing braids with colorful beads at the time.

Her teacher, frustrated with the amount of attention she was giving to her braid, made her walk to the front of the class where she chopped off the braid in front of her classmates, embarrassing the little girl to tears.

Helen Cunningham, Lamya’s mother, went to the school, demanding an explanation. The teacher, who is not named in any of the reports in the media, did apologize but explained that she was “frustrated” with Lamya’s behavior with her hair.

As you can imagine, Cunningham was furious with the event AND the lame excuse. Even more bizarre, the teacher is still employed at the school!


After being reviewed through the city’s district attorney’s office and police office, the teacher received nothing but a $175 fine.

Lamya at least as been moved to another class.

Help me understand why a “frustrated” teacher was allowed to bring a sharp and potentially deadly object around a child’s head of all things. I though cutting someone’s hair without their approval is assault and being that Lamya was 7 years old at the time, isn’t that a form of child endangerment? All because this broad decides to be “frustrated?”

I hope Mrs. Cunningham does not allow this to slide. I hope she pursues damages to the full degree of the law. If not, the school system definitely should fire this woman. Clearly, she does not work well under pressure. The last thing she needs to be around is small children.

As a mom of two little girls with natural hair, I cannot help but to wonder why this woman is allowed to keep her job. It is beyond me. I know if this happened to my children, I truly do fear I would have been in the back of a squad car. And then her excuse?! “Sorry, but I was frustrated?” Who does this woman think she is?!

Maybe someone would chop her hair off for giving that dumb excuse!

Let’s pray that little Lamya was not affected too badly from this and that her pretty hair grows back quickly!

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