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How much cheating will it take to leave?

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I don’t think there is one person that has NOT been cheated on by their significant other.  Its kind of the way of life aint it?? No matter the race, origin, religion, gender, if a person wants to cheat they will indeed do so.  But the infamous question can be asked; what is the number of times your mate can cheat on you before you decide that enough is enough?  Is it once? 3 times? 17 times?  What does it take??
Me personally I am not for the cheating. You are either IN a relationship or you are NOT.  Now I am fully aware that we are all human, there is temptation out there, and mistakes will be made.  So with that being said I may (and that’s a strong may) be able to let ONE cheat go.  Don’t quote me on that one.

The reason for that would be, if you chose to cheat, then I want to get to the bottom of why u made  that decision.  Lets not get it twisted folks, cheating is a choice one makes, so you have to make that decision wisely.
I think what would upset me the most is that my option was taken away.  And by that I mean that you slept with a female that obviously did not get checked.  Lets be honest, no guy actually asks the woman he is cheating with to go to the doctors office and the whole nine yards.  So whether you and her are using protection or not, there is a possibility that you could catch something from her and bring that back to me.

I could just feel in my veins that some people are reading the previous statement and saying to themselves: “But if protection is being used, there is no way I could catch anything and/ or transmit it”.  And that would be the type of thinking which is why there is so much unsafe sex happening throughout this country. S.T.D’s and diseases are running rampant because of careless thinking.  I have been witness to women who were on birth control; you name it, whether the pill, the depo shot, abortion, etc. Yet they still got pregnant, so I choose not to agree that ANYTHING is 100%.

But I just would not be able to stay with someone who has cheated with half of the city, that’s just disgusting.  THERE ISN’T ENOUGH LOVE IN THE WORLD FOR ME TO ENDURE THAT TYPE OF DISRESPECT.  I will always love myself and my health wayyyyyyyy more than a guy.

If there was one thing that I have learned throughout the years, is that one should never OWN the cheat.  Even after discussing that it could have been some issues from one partner, that lead the other partner feel that they needed to cheat.  That is something that could have been discussed between both parties, and a decision to stay together or separate, could have been brought to the table.  But for one to cheat and step out on their partner constantly, makes it seem as if they are trying to have their cake and eat it too, which is extremely selfish.

So how many times who your spouse be able to cheat, before you chose to end the relationship?  How much can one take?

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