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Hair Pulling For Growth?!

Can hair pulling stimulate hair growth?

I know that sounds pretty backwards, but hear me out!

Hair pulling, when done GENTLY, is actually a form of scalp massage that has been around for centuries.

The idea is to light “tug” at sections of your hair to generate blood flow and “scalp exercise” for your hair.

This is NOT the same as a violent tug or pull when your head is snapped back in say, a bad fight, or a real interesting time in the bedroom!

For me, this makes sense. One side of my hair has always been longer than the other. This is mainly because I habitually comb and brush one side longer than the other. This means I am pulling and tugging on it gently without even knowing it, causing it to grow faster than the other side.

The best way to do this is to section your hair off and simply “tug” at each section.

Another way to do a safe hair pull is to stretch the sectioned hair and hold it stretched for several seconds.

You need no product for a hair pull but it may been good practice to make sure your hair is moisturized first.

This is a simple, easy and safe alternative to a scalp massage. While a basic scalp massage may give you the added benefit of rubbing oils on your scalp, you can still take advantage of a hair pull if you are low on oil.

Actually, many women, naturals and non-naturals alike, swear by hair pulling. Some say they have done it because their grandmothers and other elders told them so, making it a passed down secret to hair strengthening and growth.

If you still need a better explanation of hair pulling or an idea of how to do it, consider this brief and basic massage video about hair pulling.

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  • Crystal Aujhae

    Is this why (besides being a protective style and helping with length retention ) braiding helps for hair growth?