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Great Wash-N-Go Tutorial

What do you think of this Wash-N-Go Tutorial?

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  • dominique

    Awesome now I know how to do my hair

  • Nicole Mack

    How can go natural?

  • dorina

    Love the video. Couple of questions – why do you use aloe vera juice? Also, after the first day, do you use anything when you fluff your hair up, or just fluff it dry?
    Thank you.

    • Kalenna

      Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer. Whether it’s topical or ingested.

  • Merlene Moore

    Beautiful something that takes no maintenance.

  • Thomastine

    Natural sisters rock

  • Deb Easter

    I would like to try crochet/latch style for the summer. Is it a good protective style ?

  • Ashante Richardson

    My natural and I wanted to post a few pics of her how can I put them on you all website

  • Ashante Richardson

    Sorry I meant my daughter

  • Kiatrice Washington

    Great Video!

    But how can I achieve those beautiful curls on a 4″ inch Top with about 2 and 1/2″ inch faded side cut? This haircut was done several months ago and has now frown to this length. I big chopped!

  • anyu Cres

    Love the video! Thanks for sharing

  • Kim

    Beautiful kurlz!!!

  • cinnamon

    Not a simple wash-n-go. This is time consuming. Far from a ” wash-n-go”.

    • Yvonne

      This is more or less how I do my wash-n-go. It does take a bit of time but remember that you don’t do this everyday.

  • I just love it.