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Shampoo and Deep Conditioning On Natural Hair

Tiajonay’s  Routine

Washing natural hair| How I wash my hair in sections and deep condition my hair in sections. I focus the shampoo on my scalp only, I massage or scrub my scalp with the pads of my fingers and I do not scratch my scalp with my finger nails. First I separate my hair into sections before I shampoo my hair outside of the shower in 6 twists.


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  • nolene

    please help i have big problem with my hair keep on braking not sure is it all the relaxing

  • Funmi Kadir

    how can i grow my hair……especially my front hair

  • lashay

    What hair products do you use, and how do you keep
    Your hair moisturized and shiny after washing

  • Toya

    I wanted to know what can help with breakage and helping my hair grow and thanks 🙂