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Natural and Proud: Young Women Tell Why They are Naturalistas

Some preferred curly hair; others preferred it straightened. Some never changed from their natural roots, while others have previously tried chemically treated hair. Regardless, the young women featured in this article are all natural and would like to tell their reasons for being so.


From mid-teenage years to late twenties, all of these bright and beautiful naturals agreed on one statement: natural hair was the best choice for them. One factor that contributed to their decision was the way they were raised. Nia, aged 16, explained how her decision to stick to her roots started early in life. She was warned by her mother that chemicals often times damage the hair. Nia chose to remain natural stating that she was used to her curls despite the fact that they were harder to care for than chemically treated hair.

Another factor was occupation. Danielle, 21, also felt the need to stay natural because she is a dancer. “When your hair is chemically treated,” Danielle states, “you have to watch how much you move. I have a physically demanding lifestyle, and I don’t want chemicals in my hair to hold me back. When it’s natural, your hair will respond to the sweat and physical demands in a more neutral and positive way. When you have a perm, it’s harder to keep up with and when you don’t, that’s when your hair starts to get damaged.”

It’s no secret that chemically treated hair can cause problems if not taken care of properly, and the same can be said for natural hair. However, all of the young women agreed that being natural was healthier for their hair in the long run. Cece, 27, stated that she was tired of the horrible breakage as a result of the chemicals in her hair. Cece had a chemical relaxer as a child but switched between being natural and using chemicals throughout her teenage years. She decided to stay natural after she did her research. She was relieved to find so many styles and options for her hair and has not had chemicals in it since April 2008.

Melanie, 29, was in a similar position. She was natural originally and tried relaxing her hair before deciding to stay natural. “I feel like God made us a certain way,” she stated. “I should be able to wear my hair the way God made me.”

If there’s one fact that was received from these young ladies, it was that being natural is a process; it takes time to get adjusted if you haven’t done it all of your life. All agreed, however, that the process was well worth their time. With time, they have developed confidence in the styles they wear while being chemical free.

When asked what advice she would give to others who want to try being natural, Nia said, “You have to do what you’re comfortable with. There will always be a style that can complement you and it takes time to have confidence in your style.”


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