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Night Time Routine For Natural Hair

Are you looking for a night time routine to keep your gorgeous natural hair texture? Check out this tutorial:

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  • Tonya Jeter

    THANK YOU !! I am going to try this tonight 🙂

  • I very much like this site where Di subscribe

  • Valerie Lathan

    Love the tutorial! It really helps me.

  • TJ

    Love your hair ive been natural now for about little over an year…I’m finding it hard to maintain the products that I’m using is NOT working my hair is natural curly which I hate but I want my hair to look more natural…..can anyone suggest any type of product for short hair that’s natural!?

  • Quineka Pembrook

    Great tuteral! I do the something to my hair when I’m not wearing a protective style minus the eden defining cream. Subscribed to your YouTube, can’t wait to checkout more of your videos.

  • Victoria

    I love the instruction on how to create styles

  • robin scott

    I’ve been natural for about 10months now did my big chop about month and half looking for a good moisturizer and night time routine.

  • I too get lazy and dont twist every night. One thing i find is that I get product build up when I do re twist nightly after a couple of days and dont have time to wash mid week. I want to know if the product shown here causes build up or if its lightweight. It looks lightweight. The products I used for twist out is Shea moisture smoothie, miss jessies buttercreme also tried the shes moisture milk but it kinda wets my hair and it doesnt dry overnight and the wetness causes frizz the next day. My hair is very thick and doing small twists at night takes forever but the larger ones seem wet in the morn.

  • Ivy Blunt-Moore

    I like this routine your hairs comes out great. My hair is baby fine, and straight what can i do to my hair to get some volume?