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Wash and Go Tutorial

Don’t want to do a twist out? Don’t have time? Well, here’s a cute, stylish WASH AND GO tutorial for you!

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  • Kenla R. Hearne-Nelson

    Could a list of the products she used be posted please

  • Lisa

    Very pretty

  • Necy

    How do you do your hair at night before bed…I like to see a lot of wash and go night time routines. thank you.

  • Lynn

    Can you please give me a list of the products you used

  • Lynn

    Can you please give me a list of the products that you used in your hair

  • Yes I need I list of products to

  • List of hair products please!

  • Carolyn Gray

    Video Critique for those who submit the demonstraton videos. I love watching the How To’s , but have noticed some similar problems with most of the videos that I’ve seen. Here are a few suggestions to improve the experience taken from my personal experience in trying to go back and do some of the styles.

    1) DITCH MUSIC WITH VOCALS for silence or low background instrumentals – It’s sometimes hard to hear/focus on the demonstration with the singing and sounds going on in the background. Sometime the recordng quality isn’t the greatest and you can’t understand what the demonstrator is saying.
    2) ADD TEXT
    – Begin with on-screen “movie credits” style text or just a pics of a handwritten or typewritten cards –
    >Name of Model/Demonstrator
    >Name of Hair Style
    >List of products being used…Brand Names are good, but also list generics descriptors like “edge creme,” setting gel, etc. in case the specific product cannot be found locally.
    >Length of time it took model to complete all steps
    >Have steps appear on the screen as the model is speaking/demonstrating them.
    3) If style requires air drying overnight (or for so many hours), make note of that on the screen.
    4) Demonstrators should rehearse and tape one steap at a time….rather than trying to do the entire style in one take. This will allow them to ‘edit’ their demonstration using only the pertinent steps – which will speed up the process and give a more professional feel to the video.
    5) They should also rehearse the steps to determine:
    –Easiest way to accomplishing a particular style technique
    –To eliminate ‘bloopers’ – such as unruly sections falling into the frame; and redundant steps (boring!).

    Hate to be so bossy – but I think this will enhance and improve the DYI experience for your viewers.