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What Is A Normal Amount of Shedding?

Yesterday, I co-washed my hair and thought something about my shedding: Am I shedding too much or too little?

Shedding is natural of any texture of hair. Bottom line is you’re going to lose hair even if you do everything right to preserve it. Hair is nothing but dead protein…did you read the “dead” part, right? It is intended to fall out eventually.

The problem comes when you start to shed too much and cannot tell the different between normal shedding and breakage or hair loss.

Here is a pic of the most of the 4C hair I shed during my cowash yesterday. It was not a lot at all. So this is probably normal shedding for me. A good way to know your are shedding WAY too much is if it looks unusual to you or when hair strands do not seem to stop falling out, even after a good conditioning.

Now of course, this is just my hair. Again when you feel like the shedding amount is simply outrageous and highly unusual, it probably is.

Bottom line: normal shedding should not result in clumps that fill up your entire hand.

If you find your shower drainage getting clogged up a lot there may be a problem with your scalp. Or even if you find your strands just dangling from your head during a gentle combing, it’s something far more serious going on. Fortunately, a good trimming should fix the problem immediately.

For more serious issues like suspected hair loss, visit your doctor quickly.

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