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The Perfect DIY Hair Conditioner

The Perfect DIY Hair Conditioner. Featured at

You can create a simple rinse from baking soda or apple cider vinegar. You can quickly moisturize your hair and scalp with almost near cooking oil in your cabinet.

But you can also make the perfect DIY deep conditioner for your hair, right at home.

A conditioner seals in moisture for a lengthy time, especially after a wash when some of the natural oils your hair needs may have been wiped away.

There is just something about saving money and doing it yourself that us naturals cannot help but to take advantage of!

Even better: it only takes a few ingredients to make. Let’s review them:

  1. Coconut Milk: The milk is very sweet and thick in texture. Coconut is a premiere substance for natural hair. It’s almost like the “go-to” for conditioning, moisturizing, utilizing as a styling product and an oil treatment because it loaded with so many vitamins necessary for growth. With the thicker consistency, the milk will be perfect in massage on and hair and scalp.


  1. Plain Yogurt: Plain yogurt will make the conditioner even thicker. The coconut milk is more fluid-like than yogurt. It makes it easier to keep your hair longer too, as if it were a commercial product conditioner. Yogurt is a great food on its own to use as a conditioner because it strengthens hair because it’s loaded with calcium.
  1. Oil of Choice: Some naturals are fans of olive oil, some like coconut oil. Some swear by macadamia oil, some fancy shea butter and others adore jojoba oil. Whatever your oil of choice is, a few drops of oil will blend great with this. If you are perplexed on a oil to try, stick to olive or coconut.
  1. Honey: While honey is optional, it is great at retaining moisture. But if left on the hair or skin for too long, it can be right drying. If you use honey, only use organic and use it sparingly.


  1. Egg or Avocado: In place of honey (or in addition to) use egg or a very ripe avocado. Eggs give great protein to hair and avocados provide softness for days!


  1. Essential oil: You need conditioner may need a lovely organic fragrance to add to the mix. Lavender is very popular and it is soothing to an irritate scalp. Other popular essential oils include jasmine, rosemary or normal rose, tea tree and lemon.

No chemistry involved here! Just blend everything together, using very modest quantities for the oils. If you’re using eggs, you only need one and for avocados, get the smallest one you can find.

Massage onto your hair scalp and allow to sit for 15 minutes under a silk wrap or shower cap; longer if you are deep conditioning.

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