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I have read natural hair blogs where women describe their horrible experiences of their hair being straightened and it not returning back to the original texture. Well, the great news is, heat is not always damaging. It’s the way in which heat is used that is damaging. The old-fashioned hard press is the method hairstylist were a custom to using. A hot comb and pressing oil usually did the trick. While this method left your hair very straight, it also broke down the outer layer of hair (cuticle layer) leaving the hair thin, lifeless, and damaged over a long period of repeated pressing. Here are few tips to apply heat while maintaining the health of your hair.

             Find a professional and do your research.

  • Make sure you find someone that specializes in straightening natural hair. You also want to make sure the stylist is familiar with the soft press technique (A soft press is a one step process after blow- drying the hair that uses less heat).

             As a D.I.Y here are few suggestions to assist with the process.

  • A. Blow- drying the hair in sections makes it easier to handle.
B. Always use cool or the lowest temperatures possible while blow- drying. C. Use a heat protectant product before blow- drying or straightening. I 
suggest Carols Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Serum or Phytodefrisant Relaxing Balm. Both products are great at protecting the hair and sealing the ends. 
D. Make sure you use the lowest heat temperature setting and keep in mind hair burns at 451 degrees. 
I hope these tips are helpful and as long as it’s done in a healthy way you can straighten your hair without damage.

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  • Delsia Taylor

    I just did this 2 weeks ago, I needed some color and I wanted to see how long my hair had grown. My stylist blow dried and flat iron my hair.. My hair was so healthy but I couldn’t wait to wash my hair I love wearing it natural. What I found out was my hair did the opposite it now curls on its own, I no long have to do twist or coils. I use Cantu leave in and curling cream. I love my hair!!

    • NHM Moderator

      Hi Delsia,

      Thank you for commenting and we’re glad that you are in love with your natural hair.

  • melissa

    Thank you

  • kyasia

    How do I grow out my natural hair. My hair won’t grow