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So your big day is drawing closer (yikes), and when you walk down the aisle it’s imperative to feel sexy, gorgeous and of course elegant. For many naturalista, fear gets in the way, fear of not knowing how to control and style our natural tresses.  It’s unfortunate that so many of us opt out of wearing our hair in its natural state.  Well I believe that your wedding day is a great day to show off your confidence and be fearless. Everything can be set in place for your wedding day, but the big question is “What do you do with your natural hair? “Let me offer you tips and style options on how to get picture perfect hair that will make you the center of attention on your special day.


Primp and Prep!

I suggest you start thinking about your perfect bridal hairstyle at least three to four months before your big day.  A big factor to consider is the condition of your hair. If your hair is dry and suffering from breakage and splits ends it ‘s time give your hair lots of love and care. Book an appointment with your stylist to get a trim, steam and deep conditioning treatments. If your hair is strong, shiny and healthy then good for you!  Take time to gather pictures and explore the right style for your bridal dress, faces shape and headdress (if you choose to wear one). Oh and most importantly, have fun! Call your girls, order dinner and a few bottles of wine and pour through magazines for inspiration. Don’t forget about online scrapbooks such as Pinterest (my fav) to keep all your style ideas organized and accessible.


Up Up and away!!

Updo’s are a great way to avoid frizziness and give you a dazzling look for your special day! Your options are Mini-twist, Flat-twist, Big- twist, Buns, Topknots and Pompadours. When creating styles like this, be sure to avoid water-based hair products on the morning of the wedding. These will make edges frizz faster. Keep in mind you can add loose kinky/curly –textured hair to add bulk and volume to your twist-updo. If you think your hair will start to lift or frizz, oil based products are best. Pomades are also great for flyaways. Updo’s are classic, elegant, modern and won’t leave you disappointed.





Luxurious Locs!

Brides with locs have innumerable options for wedding day glam! With locs, Pin-ups, Buns, Fishtail-braids, Topknots, Crinkles and Curls give a very soft, chic look. If you plan on getting your roots re-twisted, do so about two days before your wedding. This will ensure they look fresh, but also give you time to style your hair for your rehearsal dinner or other pre-wedding day events. Accessories are key when creating wedding styles with locs. Sparkly, bejeweled clips can be purchased at accessories stores or beauty supply stores. Be creative and remember it doesn’t have to break the bank to be fabulous!




Awesomely Fro It!!!

Wearing your fro free is a great option for your wedding.  With wearing your fro it’s important to have the right products to keep your hair moisturized through out the day. With a fro you also want to stay away from water-base products. Again accessories are key, spice up your fro by adding a beautiful flower that matches your floral arrangements or a bejeweled head band, hair pin or comb. You’ll be surprised of the elegant look of your fro.




Natural Hair Bride Guide!

Tip 1: If your stylist won’t be with you for the entire day have one of you bridesmaids (or that friend that’s good with hair) to carry a small bag containing items such as a sheen spray, spare clips/pins and a boar bristle brush to maintain your style.

Tip 2: Make sure you pick a style that goes from day to evening time and a style that will fit with any thing you choose to wear.

Tip 3: Please be sure to drink plenty of water as soon as you start planning your wedding. That will ensure that your, hair, scalp & skin has proper moisture and will give your hair a nice silky shiny look for your special day.

Tip 4: Shine your light! You deserve to look and feel absolutely amazing on your special day. Smile and beam with confidence and most importantly enjoy!!

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  • Wonda Williams

    I’ve been natural for almost two years. It was hard at first but now I’ve embraced it. I’d love to have a pic in your magazine.

    • NHM Moderator

      Hi Wonda,

      Thank you for your comments. You can be featured on our page my sending your information to Please make sure you send high resolution photos showcasing your hair texture.