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The Problems with Social Media

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”z3Qjs1Nqe5K5ukuSR4mohRi27X4BGzkg”] Social Media has become the go-to for hooking up with childhood friends, a place to vent, a place to showcase your best photos, and other things of that nature; but there is also a downside to social media.  Do you guys remember how calm and serene FB used to be?  You could log on, like a photo, comment on a couple of statuses, and then go on your merry way.  These days it seems as if people are addicted to all forms of social media, and I think it may be getting worse.  There are so many pet peeves I have when it comes to FB, twitter, instagram, etc; let’s see if we all share the same affliction.  Take a look:

  • People who feel the need to check-in, EVERY where they go.  You don’t need to inform people on FB  when you’ve reached home.  It just isn’t necessary.
  • The constant posts about liquor, how you’re hung-over, and pictures of you smoking weed.  You guys are aware that potential job employers look at your social media account right?  Even though its kind of a breach of annoying, they do judge you by what they see, rather than what they know.  You could be the most responsible, put together person, but if all they SEE is that you have constant weed and hangover photos, then they will judge.  All of this behavior could be done on the weekends, when there is NO work, its just the fact that employers and companies are very adamant about perception, and how things look.  Everything is about THEM; what if a client goes to your page and sees your recent activity, it looks bad for the COMPANY, NOT YOU.

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  • For the love of God, please stop writing a status every 5 minutes detailing your mood, and your schedule for the day.  Cause guess what?? no one cares, and you just make it easy for someone to potentially start stalking you.  Why should I scroll down my timeline, and in a matter of only 4 minutes I have seen 20-30 statuses from you.
  • Then if it’s not the constant status updates, its the constant changing of the profile photo.  It seems as if people take photos, just to change their profile pic on Facebook or Instagram. Pick a photo and leave it there for a couple of days, see how you like it.
  • I may sound mean for saying this one, but I shall say it anyway.  I know that some of you have kids, and you are proud of them and whatnot.  However, that doesn’t mean that I want to see 90,000 photos of your child down my timeline either.  I’m sorry, its too much.  What confuses me is, do your kids not go to school, do you not work?? How does one have time to take all of these  pictures??
  • The type of photos I hate are the ones people take of them sleeping.  How the hell are you sleeping, and/or sleepy if you are holding the phone.  I can see your arm, I have eyes, I know this is you taking this ridiculous photo.

pic 5

  • The people who constantly send game requests, I have deleted so many people for that nonsense.  If I wanted to play the game, I would play, I do not need a nudge to play candy crush.
  • FB, instagram, and Twitter have been the main source to ending a lot of friendships over the past couple of years.  Instead of people duking it out face to face, or cursing each other out via the telephone (remember that invention; TALKING), everyone argues on a status, re-tweets negative comments, etc.

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  • Internet bullies are the biggest problem.  The way people talk to other; the negative comments, telling people to kill themselves, sending threats, and everything else disgusting you can think of, has become the biggest problem.  Mainly because situations have become so serious that people have attempted and/or succeeded in taking their lives.
  • You can’t even have an opinion these days.  One can’t say that they did not like a recent celebrity performance, without getting verbally dragged, attacked, and called a hater.  So if I have a preference and do not care for something, I am automatically deemed a hater, rather than the fact that I just plain ol’ did not care for said performance.  There are wayyyyyyyyy too many stans (stalker fans)out there.  These stans go so hard that you start to think that they are on the celebrities payroll, or even the celebrity disguised as someone else.

I am just hoping that things get better before they get worse.

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